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    John Colapinto's As Nature Made Him The Boy Who Was Raised As a Girl

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    more often than people think. In situations such as this an infant often undergoes some kind of treatment, such as the removal of one organ or another, and then is  raised as a particular gender. However, in John Colapintos book "As Nature Made Him: The Boy Who Was Raised As a Girl" we have a case where a boy was  damaged and then put through some incredible ordeals wherein he was raised as a girl. Nature, however, had made him a boy and a boy he became. In the following  paper we present a general overview of Colapintos book. Brenda/David Colapintos book begins with a simple and examination of Brenda/Davids parents. They were both raised by Mennonites and  both rebelled against the strict upbringing. They met and married and then gave birth to twin boys, the other brother named Brian. The problem began when Brenda/David was 8 months  old. The infant was going through a routine circumcision which ended anything but routine. In essence, his penis was left useless and ultimately destroyed. The year was 1966 and  the parents of Brenda/David did not know what to do. They were horrified and did not want their son to go through life completely mutilated. They were ultimately led to  one of the most famous experts concerning gender identity, Dr. Money. Dr. Money had proven to be a successful gender specialist in cases of babies who were born with both  sexual organs. Colapintos book illustrates how Dr. Money convinced the family that the best solution to the problem was to turn the infant boy into a girl. He insisted  that the rest of the penis be removed and that they should raise him as though he were a girl. When puberty arrived he assured them that any problems would 

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