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    Julius Caesar and Macbeth

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    A 7 page paper which discusses the theme and existence of power, and power struggles, in Shakespeare’s plays Julius Caesar and Macbeth. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    or audience a look at the inherent nature of humanity from at least one perspective. In his stories of Julius Caesar and Macbeth we note that they are clearly stories  of mans desire to gain power, and also stories of ultimate demise because of this desire that is essentially self-centered and thus generally destructive. The following paper examines issues of  power in general, and then discusses power in Macbeth and power in Julius Ceasar. Throughout the examination it will be seen that power is a very strong as well as  dangerous tool that can turn good into bad, and bad into unbearable. Power There are many reasons why people will seek power. Even the most common of  people desire power to some degree, even if that power is only over their own home in one respect or another. It seems that most people desire power because they  want to feel important. No one likes to imagine themselves as useless, unmemorable, or weak. People want some level of power so that they feel they are of worth. Some  people may seek power to help others, while others seek power merely so that they can control others. In terms of motives, there are many motives to wanting power. Perhaps  the person seeking power truly does see how things can be improved if people listen to them. For example, in the simple of situations, such as the construction of a  garden, an individual may use their power, point to their power, because they want the garden to be effective and they have more knowledge of gardening than others. People may  desire power to help others, such as Gandhi who wanted power perhaps only for the people through his presence. And, still yet, others want power because they want to control 

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