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    Justice and Due Process

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    This paper examines the justice concept in an overview of due process and the sociocultural constructs which impact it in 12 pages. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Bibliography lists 8 sources. JLdueproc.rtf "Due process and the concept of justice" Research Compiled for Enterprises Inc By , January 2013 For  More Information On How To Use This Report Correctly, Please     There are a number of ways in which the student might choose to approach the issues relating to the concept of  due process and the way that it can be applied in terms of social and cultural constructs and with regard to the judicial procedure. For instance, it would be useful  to look at the way in which the legal system has developed and the influence which external social constructs have had on the structure of the contemporary system in terms  of the way that due process is applied.  Social and cultural constructs are, in effect, the framework and the foundation which a society uses to develop the systems  by which human beings are able to interact with one another in a formalised and codified way. In other words, there are certain ways of perceiving human beings and certain  expectations which are made of them which define the way that systems are set up and influence the way in which they operate. The student could perhaps consider some examples 

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