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    Justice and the O.J. Simpson Double Murder Case

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    In five pages this paper examines the case involving O.J. Simpson who was acquitted of murdering his ex wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman in a consideration of whether it was a miscarriage of justice or a botched effort by the police and prosecution. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    some cases, it could be that someone was found guilty when in fact it was believed that he or she was innocent. Or, on the other hand, when someone was  found not guilty when all the evidence seemed to indicate guilt. Probably one of the best known cases of the latter is considered that of the O.J. Simpson case in  which he had been accused of the murder of his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and waiter Ron Goldman. While the majority of the evidence seemed to indicate Simpsons guilt, the  jury nevertheless found him not guilty. While this may be considered as a miscarriage of justice by some, in reality it reflects the poor presentation and investigation of those involved  who supposedly had good evidence against Simpson but overall had presented a case filled with inconsistencies, problems, police bias, and were heavily influenced by the public and the media. Born  in 1947, Simpson was married twice: to Marguerite Whitley (from 1967 to 1979) with whom he had three children, daughters Aaren and Arnelle and son Jason Lamar; and to Nicole  Brown (from 1985 to 1992) with whom he had two children, son Justin and daughter Sydney. Simpson was considered one of the greatest running backs in American football history as  he received All-American honors at the University of Southern California, won the Heisman Trophy in 1968 and set several National Football League records before retiring in 1979 (CNN, 1995, Suspect).  Throughout his marriage to Nicole, Simpson had been sentenced for spousal abuse in 1989 and received two years probation plus a small fine and community service. Nicole and O.J.  were divorced in October 1992 and in October 1993, Nicole had called 911 and said "Hes back. I think you know who he is: O.J. Simpson" (CNN, 1995, Timeline; CNN, 

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