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    Karaite Sect's History

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    In seven pages the Karaite sect is the focus of this consideration of its history and how it developed. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    Jewish people. As we shall see, they are a group who broke off the what we consider the Jewish people due to a difference in opinion concerning oral and written  law. As such we will also note that the common struggle of the Karaite Sect is deeply connected to the struggle of the Jews as it relates to Palestine. Bearing  these possibilities, as well as realities in mind, the following paper examines the history and the development of the Karaite Sect, with an emphasis on their relationship with Palestine.  The History and Development of the Karaite Sect "Karaism is the original Judaism which has existed throughout history under various names incl. Righteous, Sadducees, Boethusians, Ananites and Karaites, all of  whom obeyed the Torah with no additions."1 In the beginning all of the people who followed these laws were called "Righteous and it was only in the 9th century CE  that they came to be called Karaites. The question of why Gods followers are today called Karaites is really a question of the origin of the other sects."2 It is  interesting to note that "the first reference in the history of Israel to more than one sect takes place some 200 years after the close of the Biblical period, in  the first century BCE. Various sources tell us of two opposing sects, the Sadducees (Zadokites) and the Pharisees."3 With the Sadducees we find the tribe that "followed the Torah as  it was written while the Pharisees believed in a second Oral Torah which they added to the real one" During the eighth century was when the Karaite sect was  truly formed as they divided from the Jewish people in regards to the oral tradition. As Joffe indicates, "Not all Jews have historically accepted the rabbinical tradition and the oral 

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