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    Keller Williams Realty - SWOT Analysis

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    This 5 page paper presents a SWOT analysis of Keller Williams Realty, which is the fifth largest residential realty company in North America. The writer points out that although every company has weaknesses, any weakness with Keller Williams are just not observable. This company operates on the principles of ethics, values, integrity and mission. Bibliography lists 7 sources.

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    real estate company in North America (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). In 1991, Keller Williams began franchising offices (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). In spite of the extreme peaks and  valleys in the industry, since 1995, Keller Williams has grown at a rate of 40 percent "each year in agent numbers, earned commissions, and profit sharing" (Keller Williams Realty, History,  2005). Keller Williams has nearly 400 offices located across the United States and Canada and nearly 48,000 employees (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005; InfoTrac, 2005). The strengths and positive aspects  of this company are many and varied beginning with Kellers belief in servant leadership and in operating a company that values "ethics, integrity, and people" (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005).  Typically, real estate agents work for brokers and receive part of the fees the broker charges for transactions. The typical real estate offices operates on what it referred to as  the dependent model (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). The broker provides sales agents with leads and agents are paid a commission for each transaction (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). Not  at Keller Williams. Agents are partners at this company and in 2003, Keller Williams distributed $13 million in profits to staff and agents (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). Keller  Williams operates under an "agents as partners" model (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). It is a team work model rather than a competitive model where agents in the same  office compete with each other for sales (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). The more profit the office makes, the more profit there is for sharing among all employees. There is  a spirit of collaboration and cooperation (Keller Williams Realty, History, 2005). It is the corporate culture that is probably responsible for this companys astounding growth over the last several years. 

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