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    Kempo Style of Martial Arts

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    In eight pages Kempo's history and style along with its American movement popularity are examined. Three sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    or intrigues the reader. Secondly, the sentences immediately following the hook needs to describe what will be talked about in the body of the paper. The thesis for the paper  is generally located in the very last sentence of the introductory paragraph. An example introduction follows: When Master Kooh C. Kim knew he  was dying, he realized that his teachings should not only remain in Japan, but should go out into the world. He could think of only one man whom he deemed  worthy of the task, from outside of Japan. This mans name was Albert C. Church, Jr. his former student. He also called another former student, Soji Kooh C. Kim of  Japan(AKKA 2003). Together, he reunited them and gave his blessing for the teaching of Kempo to the rest of the world. But just what is Kempo? Not quite Karate, not  quite Jujitsu, Kempo is a martial art that incorporates a variation of styles and methods of defense. After the introductory paragraph, the  student will need to begin to elaborate on the points mentioned in the initial paragraph. In order to understand what Kempo is, one must look at the history of the  technique, its origins and finally, its application. Kempo was not originally called, Kempo, but rather Shorinji Toraken Ryu, or The Fist Way. This  was taught in China and used exclusively by monks living in the wilds of Northern China(AKKA 2003). The style was changed over many centuries to reflect the influence of the  ruling faction in China. Finally, it began to be standardized and based upon the five arts of the original five warlords(AKKA 2003). These styles are named for the five animals 

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