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    Language as a Key to Inner Landscapes

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    An 8 page literary analysis of 4 narratives, which are by James Baldwin, Mariama Ba, Clarice Lispector and Gerald Vizenor. The writer argues that these stories represent different nationalities, genders and eras, yet they all use language to paint poignant visions of a particular's person inner landscape, and, in so doing, help the reader in the task of understanding that person's motivations and, therefore, their understanding of reality. The first 2 pages of this paper are a proposal that describes the remaining 6 page essay. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    that they were selected due to the inner focus of these four selections. In each case, the author is not as concerned with plot and actions, as much as the  author is concerned with the motivations and inner landscape of the narrator. Therefore, the general framework for the proposed paper is to consider the ways in which each writer approaches  the task of providing readers insight into the inner landscapes and consciousness of their principal character. The paper will consist of an introduction, which introduces a thesis, that is,  the proposed focus for the paper. The introduction will also introduce the factors that will be analyzed in regards to each of the selected authors. Then, a section of the  paper will be devoted to each author, exploring the topics described in the introduction. The closing paragraph will restate and sum up the conclusions that can be formulated from the  information and arguments presented in the paper. Proposed focus: A great deal of literature and expository writing focuses on actions, that is, what can be observed by others and  how actions affect and are affected by changing circumstances. However, another aspect of writing, both in fiction and non-fiction is when language is used to reveal the terra incognito of  another persons mind and perception. We each live isolated lives with only language as a bridge to understanding the worldview and perception of others. This is a phenomenon that  writers frequently explore, as they endeavor to relate to their readers the complex motivations, via various literary tools and techniques, the fascinating cognitive landscapes of another persons mind. This factor  seems to be the underlying characteristic that is shared by all four of the chosen writers. Research sources and strategies: First of all, the stories will be closely read, 

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