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    Legal Concept of Double Jeopardy

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    In five pages this concept is considered within the context of the legal system in terms of its history and some pertinent cases. Two sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    the United States. In practice, this law does indeed protect people and creates a fair and balanced legal system. This law prevent one person from being repeatedly  punished for something while another person is minimally punished for doing the same thing. In other words, this law allows for fairness and consistency in terms of punishment.  Double Jeopardy The name Double Jeopardy in legal terms refers to a person being tried twice for the same offense (Double Jeopardy, 2002).  In terms of how the name of this law originated: The clause speaks of being put in jeopardy of life or limb, which as derived from the common law,  generally referred to the possibility of capital punishment upon conviction, but it is now settled that the clause protects with regard to every indictment or information charging a party with  a known and defined crime or misdemeanor, whether at the common law or by statute (Double Jeopardy Law, 2002). Because of the 5th Amendment to the Constitution, this is  not allowed (Double Jeopardy, 2002). More specifically, Double Jeopardy "protects against three distinct abuses" (Double Jeopardy, 2002). They are: * A second prosecution for the same offense  after acquittal (Double Jeopardy, 2002). * A second prosecution for the same offense after conviction (Double Jeopardy, 2002). * Multiple punishments for the same offense (Double Jeopardy, 2002).  Therefore, the Double Jeopardy Clause "protects against multiple punishments for the same offense" (Double Jeopardy, 2002). Double Jeopardy - "In practice all  it means is that the authorities get one chance to prove your guilt - even if later developments make it obvious you are as guilty as sin" (Double Jeopardy - 

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