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    The Bahamas; Background to the Legal System

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    This 24 page paper consider the legal background in the Bahamas. The paper consider the way in which there is a separation of the powers, the rule of law and the way in which the systems are reflective of the former colonial power. The writer also argues that there has been a lack of reform in the Bahamas due to this inherited framework. The bibliography cites 20 sources.

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    favourable to those whom it seeks to govern. In a democracy the law that is enacted by the government should be that which serves the people. This may not mean  that the majority will always be in favour of a law, but it is power by proxy that the law is enacted. A basic idea behind a democracy is all  that all citizens are equal. However, there is also a danger where any individual person or body has too much power or  access to that power. Where there is a body that has political interests, such as a government, there is always a danger that this interest will override the judicial process,  and justice then become arbitrary and a political matter. Traditional this has been dealt with by separating the political and judicial. The theory here is that the government makes the  law, but it is the judiciary that enforce it in the courts. In turn it is not up to the judiciary to make law, only interpret and apply it.  This separation is one that is seen in many different forms in different countries. However, in some countries we may see that there  have been more reforms that others when it comes to the rule of law and the separation of the powers. One of the nation states that is criticised for being  left behind is that of the Bahamas. However, one of the most basic tenants of the law may be seen as present, that is the rule of law which sees  all men as equal before the law, and also that the government is also answerable to the law though the acts pf the government officials (Ivamy, 2000). 

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