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    Leni Riefenstahl's "Triumph Of The Will": Documentaries And Objectivity

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    8 pages in length. Documentaries are often assumed to be objective renderings of reality, yet they invariably offer a specific point of view. This point is clearly illustrated in Leni Riefenstahl's film Triumph of the Will, one of the most morally and legally controversial documentaries ever made. Chronicling the 1934 session of Nazi Party Congress, Triumph of the Will has long been interpreted as propaganda for Hitler's reign, which caused it to be banned for more than three decades. Riefenstahl, who was commissioned by Hitler to cover the events, captured such power and intimidation that her film was feared by all who experienced it, inasmuch as it presented myriad issues that could not easily be dismissed. For example, was Triumph of the Will truly Nazi propaganda or rather a propaganda film given life by a non-Nazi woman? Indeed, the line was thin with regard to the underlying objective, an element that more than angered hierarchical Nazi propagandists. No additional sources cited.

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