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    Letter to Members of the Board of the Boys and Girls Club of Kent, MN

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    This 5 page example letter uses a case study that is a work of fiction based on information provided by a student. A proposal is made for a counseling program to be implemented at this club. No bibliography.

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    a mainstay in the community. It has been a place for our children to congregate and learn about life. It has also been a refuge from the social problems in  the mainstream. At the club, children are assured a safe place to meet and parents can be satisfied in the fact that their children are receiving a good education and  positive companionship. They are further engaging in wholesome activities. I admire the club and I hope to see it continue as it always has. However, the times have changed, and  we cannot turn a blind eye to drugs and promiscuity. Many of todays teenagers not only face the same problems we grew up with-drug addiction, teen pregnancy, violence-but there is  a different attitude. Girls are not afraid to become pregnant and drugs are even more widespread than in the past. I bring this to your attention because I regret that  the following information may not be well received. Yet, I know that some of you may already be privy to the details of what has been occurring at times at  the facility. It has come to my attention that the facility has seen many young boys and girls attend events with the smell of alcohol. There have also been a  few violent incidents at the club and some of the adolescents were caught engaging in sexual activity on the premises. You may be aware of some of this information as  a few of the children have already been counseled due to this untoward activity. However, they have also been asked not to return to the Boys and Girls club. I  certainly can understand the actions taken by your staff. After all, the children who have been disruptive have stepped far over the line. Obviously, drug or alcohol abuse cannot be 

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