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    Life Changes, Expectations and Reality

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    In six pages a move that will be life changing is discussed in an assessment of expectations and reality. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    the last two years and knew that they were all about love, caring and empowerment by the content they chose to publish. Secluded within the pristine beauty of ancient  southwestern Native American land, the sanctuary appeared to be a bit of Heaven on earth, so it required no effort on my part to make such a life-changing decision. I  had only talked with members and staff via phone for the two years writing for the magazine, so bringing together the physical element of both people and location was to  be an awe-inspiring experience. Indeed, the ones with whom I worked most directly seemed to exude the same peacefulness and benevolence that was put forth in their magazine, which  only helped to make the place appear as though it was truly touched by an angel, given the fact that there was an underlying - but very attainable - sense  of harmony in every aspect of my personal association with it. My first visual impression was driving down the dirt road that led to an open pasture where horses grazed  without a care in the world, surrounded by towering crimson cliffs that protected them from the rest of the world. The entire scene was purely majestic as it continued  to display more grassy pastures, an abundance of flora, free-running creeks and the open space about which city folks can only dream. Indeed, I thought, this was just exactly  how I had pictured it within my mind and realized that my excited expectations had not altered the reality of the situation one bit. It was not long before I  met the entire staff and began to know each one a bit more intimately. Everyone was open and kind with the common ground of animal rescue shared among them. 

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