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    Life and Accomplishments of Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison

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    Tommy 'The Duke' Morrison is the subject of this paper consisting of five pages. Five sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    in the film Rocky V. He is the nephew of John Wayne and essentially a man who had the world open before him (Anonymous John Wayne, 2002). But, life did  not treat him very well, and he has experienced numerous problems that have all but destroyed his career. In recent times he has been slowly coming to grips with himself,  and his life, and seems to be moving ahead in a more positive direction. In the following paper we present a brief look at this man, Tommy "The Duke" Morrison,  and see that his is a story not uncommon, and certainly not a story that depicts an easy life. Tommy "The Duke" Morrison As mentioned, Tommy "The Duke"  Morrison was one of the most powerful boxers of the 20th century. "In 1993 Morrison defeated George Foreman to take the World WBO heavyweight title" and truly earn himself a  name in boxing (Mackay, 2002; 0,3858,4347104,00.html). However, that was likely to be his one moment of true glory in the field of professional boxing. He fought many fights, most of  which seemed to end in KOs, but still it seems his life was in turmoil. There is, in all honesty, very little written about this man. There is next to  nothing about his childhood or his early years. For example, we know that he desired to be a boxer early on, for at the age of 7 he had just  begun really learning to box when the film "Rocky" came out, a film that was to truly inspire him (Anonymous Tommy "The Duke" Morrison: Biofile, 2002). And as mentioned, it  is interesting to note that he later grew to star in "Rocky V." Not much is really know of him in the early days, perhaps due to the events that 

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