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    Literary Characters in a Panel Discussion

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    A 4 page essay that takes the form of a short story that presumes that six characters from literature are involved in a panel discussion on the nature of evil. The characters featured are Jonathan Swift (as the narrator from "A Modest Proposal"), Lady Macbeth, the Ancient Mariner (from "Rime of the Ancient Mariner"), The Duke from Browning's "My Last Duchess," Beowulf, and Frankenstein's Monster. Bibliography lists 6 sources.

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    from throughout history. Off to one side, a man wearing modern dress speaks, "Welcome to the first panel discussion between some of the most noted names in literature. Tonight  we will explore the nature of evil and who better to understand evil than my guests." As the Host names each of those assembled at the table, the person indicated  nods politely. "They are -- the noted eighteenth century political satirist Jonathan Swift, Lady Macbeth, the Ancient Mariner, Beowulf, the Duke from Robert Brownings famous poem, and last but  certainly not least, the Monster from Frankenstein. The Host turns to the first guest. "Mr. Swift, lets begin with you. In your essay, "A Modest Proposal" you suggested the  problem of starvation in Ireland could be solved by the English consuming Irish babies. You stated that a healthy child well nursed is, at a year old, a most  delicious nourishing and wholesome food (Swift). How can you possibly justify such an evil concept?" "My dear sir, you miss the point. The essay was satirical in nature. At the  time, British landlords were essentially devouring Irish parents through their rents and the government was ignoring the fact that the Irish were starving to death. By carrying this situation to  its extreme, I pointed out the evil being perpetuated against the Irish." Lady Macbeth interrupts, "I am familiar with this work. What you proposed was quite fair  and equitable, an ideal way to preserve the Irish population." Swift looks shocked. "Madam, you must be joking." "Granted," says Lady Macbeth, "your proposal is unorthodox, but sometimes solutions  that society regards as unethical are required. All that is truly necessary to implement such solutions is courage. This is what I related to my husband when he lost his 

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