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    A 12 page research paper that evaluates 3 research studies. In today's ever-increasing complex healthcare system, the problems of safe medication administration is becoming problematic, in part due to the complicated nature of drug interaction and the plethora of new drugs available. These studies each address this problem. This research paper first offers an overview of each study and then discusses the implications for practice offered by this empirical research. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    of new drugs available. The following three studies each address this problem. The following analyses of these studies first offer an overview of each study and then discusses the implications  for practice offered by this empirical research. Tamuz, Thomas and Franchois (2004) Overview (information for filling out the chart) Title of article/citation : Tamuz, Thomas and Franchois (2004). Defining/classifying medical  error. Purpose and research questions : Examination of how safety events are classified; influences on the data. Research design : Qualitative study; narrative design. Sample : Random selection of key  personnel from pharmacy and patient care units. Independent variables and measures : Descriptions of reporting safety errors, which relate to classification systems. Dependent variables and measures : Not applicable;  this was a qualitative study. Statistical tests : Applied key word searches and definitions were extracted. Examination of data was conducted to reveal counter examples. Results :  Results showed that the manner in which medical errors are classified has a direct input on the incidence of reporting. Implications : The results suggest that choice of definitions  and classification schemes implemented by a healthcare facility is critical because of the influence that this has on event reporting. General strengths : The researchers conducted extensive interviews, 86  in all. General weaknesses : The sample population all came from the same hospital, which may limited the applicability of the findings. Summary statements for practice: Application  of these findings hold the potential for decreasing the rate of medication errors. Suitability to apply to clinical setting : Provides foundation for application, but application at specific institutions requires  further study. Discussion While patient safety experts agree that it is important to define how medication errors should be classified, research has paid little attention to the processes by 

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