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    Literature Review on Peasantry

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    In twenty pages this paper examines how feminist, postmodern, and classical literature reviews peasantry in from different theoretical perspectives. Thirty sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    looking at authors such as Lenin, Chayanov, and Marx , amongst a slew of others, one is intrigued by the different takes on society. It is impressive that one  can look at the entire society and have vastly different ideas on what had actually occurred and what is occurring today, in various parts of the world. In looking at  peasantry it is important to keep in mind that daily life has changed over the decades and centuries and is also different in other parts of the world. Thus, authors  whose focus had been on either Europe or Latin America are important in assessing literature on this expansive topic. The following literature review includes theoretical materials and allows liberalist and  Marxist positions on historical development to presuppose the redundancy of peasant systems by succeeding economic systems. The stronger aspects of marginality, and durability of peripheral systems will be demonstrated despite  their lack of depiction in the literature. Economic variables are also considered. However, various views of peasantry, such as postmodernism and feminism are included as well. It should be emphasized  that while Marx did not focus on peasantry per se, his ideas are embraced by many theorists in this area of study. Some abhor him while others applaud him. Shanin  (1983) noted that he is not worried about Marxism as historical materialism is a mode of inquiry as well as a form of revolutionary praxis so if it has any  lasting value, it will proceed in response to the changing times. Others find it impossible to talk about peasantry without at least making reference to Karl Marx. Bukharin  & Preobrazhensky (1988) delve into the communist party in Russia for example and while they do not necessarily spout the virtues of Marxism, their work does relate to peasantry directly. 

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