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    Literature Search for Research on Loyalty in the Hospitality Industry

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    This 4 page paper is written to support a research project concerning loyalty in the hospitality. It is a literature search and a concept map that will be used to develop the larger paper. 12 potential research paper sources are discussed and areas that may be included are outlined. The bibliography cites 15 sources.

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    for use in the paper, aiding directly or indirectly to give useful background. The aim of the final paper will be to assess the value of coalition model program, meaning  a model where loyalty programs are undertaken in the format of a strategic alliance. In order to asses if the coalition model is of value it is necessary to compare  it to other traditional ways in which loyalty is gained, and assess what theoretical support exists fore the use of this model. When assessing any model, idea of concept there  has to be a form of comparison, to allow for the research to have context and as a comparison when undertaking the literature review and the primary research. The research  articles identified here will allow the student to look at the issue of loyalty in the traditional manner and should also allow the application of the idea to the coalition  model, although some assumption may need to be made due to the lack of explicit narrowly targeted literature. The paper will need to start by defining what is meant  by loyalty. This is a foundation needed for any assessment of loyalty and loyalty tools. This can be subjective, and will depend on the type of product, for example, where  the product is a fizzy drink and purchases are made several times a week loyalty will have far more numerous purchases than when the product is large and expensive such  as a television or washing machine; where purchases reflecting loyalty may be less than once a year. The concept of loyalty may also be considered in terms of the  customer type. There are two main types of customer within the hospitality industry; business and leisure, most literature treats these customers differently, for example, business travellers that have to use 

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