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    Lockheed Martin Corporation - Brief Analysis

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    A 5 page paper. Lockheed Martin Corporation is the largest defense contractor in the world but even this corporation was not immune to the problems the defense industry has faced over the last several years. Lockheed Martin's problems were exacerbated by their interests in the telecom industry, which caused the company to lose many billions of dollars. A SWOT is completed with recommendations to resolve the problem. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    one large corporation (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2002). The corporation has a number of different segments that include: Systems Integration; Aeronautics; Space Systems; and Technology Services (Hoovers, 2002). The high tech  products from this company include missiles for both offense and defense (Hoovers, 2002). Aircraft from Lockheed Martin that are well-known include the F-16 and F-22 jet fighters and the C-130J  transport plane (Hoovers, 2002). The company has also been involved in the global telecommunications business (Hoovers, 2002). Approximately 80 percent of the revenue is derived from the U.S. government (Hoovers,  2002). Like all companies in the defense business, Lockheed has suffered numerous setbacks over the last decade. Nonetheless, this company has managed to survive through all of the events and  ups-and-downs in the industry. A SWOT analysis will help provide insight into how they continue to be successful. Strengths - Lockheed Martin has numerous strengths, some of which are:  * Strong leadership at the helm. Part of Lockheeds problems had to do with what Banks called "the semiautonomous baronies that had been endemic for years" (2001, p. 140). These  little empires were broken when Peter Teets, president, retired in 1999. New president, Vance D. Coffman, promoted Robert (Bob) J. Stevens to the position of chief financial officer (Banks, 2001).  He also restructured the company to establish only three different divisions and promoted executives to head these divisions (Banks, 2001). * Corporate values and ethics. The standards that  are established and that inspire the companys activities include: ethics, "Can-Do" attitude and belief, integrity, excellence, people and teamwork (Lockheed Martin Corporation, About, 2002). The company has a strong  ethical code of conduct that all employees are supposed to adhere to. This includes following all laws as well has having high standards for behavior (Lockheed Martin Corporation, About, 

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