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    Logic & Perception in Critical Thinking

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    A 5 page essay that examines the relationship between logic and critical thinking, with particular emphasis on how reality is interpreted through personal perspective and bias. The writer calls on personal experience to make the point that reality is "slippery" and depends on the point of view of the individual, citing several cultural examples. No bibliography is provided.

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    not necessarily viewed as logical to someone else. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that it is a natural human response to equate personal perception with reality. After  all, the only means that we have of obtaining information about our environment is filtered through the senses. What we see, touch, smell, feel or taste is all we know.  In order to function we have to consider this data to be true and reliable. However, often what we perceive about reality is also filtered through a plethora of attitudes  and preconceptions that an individual accumulates over a lifetime of experience. Therefore, the reality that one person perceives is not necessary the same reality that is perceived by another.  (The student should note that this assignment asks specifically for a personal perspective drawn from personal experience. As I have only my own experience to draw from, this is precisely  what I do in this essay. However, the student should use this example as a template or guide and draw from his or her own experience when writing your  own paper.) For example, my voice has always been high and soft. Over anything electronic I sound just like a six-year-old child. A lifetimes experience has made me self conscious  about this perceived fault. I have been ridiculed at drive-in take-out windows and I once had trouble getting a taxi to come to my address because the dispatcher would not  believe I was old enough to making such a call. Therefore, when my son answered his cell phone in a unnaturally high squeaky voice, my first reaction was that he  was mocking me. My perception that his voice was unnaturally high was accurate. However, the logic that I followed in this instance called upon a lifetime of embarrassing incidents 

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