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    This 8 page paper considers the position of Lucent Technologies Inc. The writer considers performance indicators such as profit and share price, the competive position and strategies and also conduct a SWOT analysis to consider the company’s strengths weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    indicators One of the first tools that may be used is that of performance indicators. This looks at both the performance of the company, and also the market perception of  that company, as it is this perception that is reflected in the share price. The current share price is $1.6. This is near the 52 week of $1.31, and  the 52 week high was $8.75. To place this into context the share price may be seen as reflecting some of the falls in the market, with a sharp drop  between May and June, and a general decline over the year with a slight recovery before a relapse in the first part pf July. If we consider this  the share price appears to have fallen more than the market in general. Therefore, we can look at the company performance to consider why this may have occurred. The results  for 2001 are not favourable. There s a decline in both revenue and profits. The revenue for 2001 fell to $21.3 billion from $28.9 billion in 2000.  Profit margins also suffered, with an operating margin of -93.47% and a profit margin of -66.54%. This has resulted in a negative return on  assets figure of -42.09%. This is an anomalous year as the figures for 2000 were more favourable, where there was an operating margin of 8.15%, a profit margin of  4.96% and a return on assets of 4.96%. The return on equity for 2001 was -128.55 for 2002 compared with 2000 where it was 5.48% (Wall Street Journal, 2002).  It is fair to say that 2001 was a bad year for this company. The ongoing situation is also not strong, if 

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