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    This 7-page paper is an example of a marketing plan for crawfish/seafood seasoning. Topics discussed include the 4 Ps, a SWOT analysis and a budget.

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    Louisiana. The business is Crawdaddys Seafood Boilers. This is a drive-through, crawfish boiling restaurant. Well assume, for the sake of this paper, that the restaurant has been in business for  a long while, and that this could be considered a Breaux Bridge institution. The main item on the menu (as can be  assumed) is crawfish, but this isnt just any crawfish. This is a crawfish with Crawdaddys own special seasonings. Because theyre "secret" seasonings, theyre difficult to replicate.  In this paper, however, the student (who is portraying an employee of the company) is proposing that the owner of Crawdaddys package and sell the seasonings  separate from what he puts on the crawfish. The purpose of this paper is to determine the viability of such a plan, and to put in place a marketing proposal  to make it happen. To do this, well incorporate a variety of marketing tools, such as the Four Ps, branding analysis and  a brief SWOT analysis, all of which should provide the student with a good structure from which to develop this paper further. Product/Brand  It could be said that the product would be the seasonings, and that would be true. But in this case, were selling more than simple seasonings. If people wanted  seasonings, they could go to their local supermarket and just buy a packet. The thing that makes this product special is that its Crawdaddy seasonings. And this is where branding  comes in. What might be helpful at this point is to provide a background of the restaurant itself, such as how long 

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