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    This 24-page report is a marketing report about Palm, Inc. the leader in the hand-held gadget industry. The report offers background on the company (and industry in general), a situational analysis, a SWOT and marketing analysis, and marketing mix suggestions. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    palm of ones hand was considered laughable. This, of course, was in the day during which computers werent on desktops, but rather, resided in huge basements of large buildings. As  computers became smaller, however, first moving onto desktops, then into "notebooks," so did other gadgets. "Hand-helds," devices that could compute from the palm of the hand, did make their entrance  during the late 1980s, but were so bulky, inefficient and expensive, they didnt get very far. As a result, most people gave up on the hand-held idea, believing that the  technology simply wasnt good enough or strong enough to support it. Then came Palm.  Palm Inc., as it is known today, revolutionized the hand-held market, not only through a rather remarkable product that operated efficiently, but also in the way it was  promoted and sold. Because of the cleverness of its marketing people, Palm didnt register on the competitions radar screen until close to two years after the initial product was launched.  By then, Palm had obtained a huge part of the market share, forcing competitors to scramble just to keep up. Within two years of the release of its first product,  Palm became the definitive name in hand-held devices, and until recently, has enjoyed being at the top of the heap of this particular niche in the industry.  These days, however, Palm is starting to fade. Although revenue continues strong and customer loyalty is still evident, a poor economy, combined with management missteps,  missed opportunities and complacency, have meant that Palm is fast being swamped by its competition - Microsoft among them. Although Palms simple, elegant design and minimalist software continue to captivate 

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