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    This 6-page paper is an example of a marketing plan for a rechargable value card that can be used on the Internet. A SWOT analysis is detailed, along with marketing suggestions. Bibliography lists 4 sources.

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    can offer their credit cards (which most do) or they can authorize the online merchant to withdraw certain funds from their accounts. The former method is not widely in use  worldwide, while the latter is fraught with security risks. This is where our new product comes in - the pre-paid Internet card.  This card, which is not a plastic credit card, is a card that offers a certain value, which is then replenished by the users bank account, with the users authorization  number and okay. In this way, the user can rely on the pre-paid card as a method to pay for online goods and services.  This paper will offer an overview of the card, first by defining a SWOT analysis, then by offering some marketing suggestions no how to get the card into  the right hands. SWOT Analysis In this particular area, well perform a Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, Strength (SWOT) analysis on these particular cards.  Strengths. The obvious strength of this particular product is convenience. For one thing, not everyone has a credit card. And those  who have credit cards may feel a little frightened about letting that information out on a website (even if the web site is secure). A pre-paid Internet card is a  good way to give a consumer something with cash value by which to purchase goods and services online. In addition to providing  consumers a straightforward way to purchase goods and services online, such a card is also a boon for the company and its marketers (March, 1999). In taking the prepaid phone 

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