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    This 5-page paper focuses on the 1997 Chapter 11 (bankruptcy) filing of MobileMedia Corp. The paper features a SWOT analysis to help describe how and why MobileMedia had to declare bankruptcy. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    an established fact and it was fueling an overheated economy. It seemed as though every day, more and more technology companies were issuing IPOs, with their stocks hitting a  enormous prices within almost minutes of trading. MobileMedia, the countrys second-largest paging company during the mid-1990s, had taken advantage of the huge  technology boom. Between its successful initial public offering and its huge acquisitions, MobileMedia was acquiring accolades from shareholders and the press alike. But as happened to many technology  companies, the good times were not to last. On January 30, 1997, MobileMedia, a $567 million company filed for bankruptcy. In  this paper, we will examine a SWOT analysis on how MobileMedia managed to leverage its strengths and opportunities while ignoring its internal weaknesses and external threats to its survival.  Strengths. Although in hindsight, it appears as though MobileMedia suffered more from its weaknesses than its strengths, there are some strengths  that can be outlined here. For one thing, MobileMedia was a company that was developed to be in the right time at the right place. During the early  1990s, paging the most from the realm of physicians and engineers into the businessmans pocket. Advanced technology in paging meant that paging was now affordable and within reach of  almost everyone. In response, local paging services were cropping up to meet the growing need - of which MobileMedia was one such company. MobileMedias sales and service efforts  were concentrated in the larger markets, and in its early years, the company had the vantage of a significant retail presence (Alleven, 1999). 

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