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    Management Theory; The Links Between Theory and Practice

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    This 19 page paper looks at three areas of management theory; decision making, organizational design and structure, power and leadership and communication. For each topic theories are considered and then compare the practices and evidence of the validity of the theory found in the real world. The bibliography cites 12 sources.

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    Leadership 13 4.1 The Theory 13 4.2 The Real World 16 5. Communication 17 5.1 The Theory 17 5.2 The Real World 19 References 20 Executive Summary Business models and throes have  been developed over many years and are taught in schools and universities as a way of helping those who will, or do, operate with the business environment. When looking at  the way that theory is reflected in the real world there does appear to be a high level of correlation, which indicates validity to the study of the business theoretical  models. However the models cannot tell the manager what strategies will be best; at best they are tools which help the observers to understand what is going on and how  events and performance may be influenced. The issues of decision making show that there is no single best method, however, when it comes to organizational design and structure although there  are choices there may be more advantages for some organization to adopt specific models in order to leverage their position, for example, accountancy firms need to have a structure where  those with the accountancy qualifications and experience hold a great deal of power. Leadership and power are also discussed, the two used to be highly correlated, but today power  often comes from the way leadership is exercised, with power being that which is given, where it is taken and there is no trust, as seen with the industrial problems  at companies such as Ford, there can be long term problems. Communication may also be linked with leadership, good leaders are likely to have good communication skills, and poor communication  as a result of numerous positional barriers can be costly to a business, whereas good communication can literally save a company, as seen withy the case of Delta. Therefore 

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