• Manchester United as an International Business

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    This 44 page paper looks at Manchester United and consider the way in which it is marketed and looks at Singapore as a target market. The paper conducts a PEST analysis of the potential location and then analyses the industry with Porters Five Forces Models. The marketing and general operations and practices of Manchester United are then examined using a SWOT analysis the BCG matrix as well as a product lifecycle analysis. The paper then considers the marketing strategies and how they have been introduced and implemented before making recommendations for the future. The bibliography cites 28 sources.

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    is sold. Marketing and branding are present in the most successful products. Images such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Nike are some of the best known branded. The name brings to  mind an image of the company and its products, one that supports the sales ands encouraged high levels of recognition. The image is created with extensive and maintained marketing that  supports as well as creates the demand for goods. There are many examples of well marketed companies, one of these examples is Manchester United. This is a football club based  in the North of England. Whilst many clubs are facing near bankruptcy due to lack of financial support Manchester United is one of the few that actually makes a profit.  The reason behind the success is the way in which the marketing has taken place. While it should not be forgotten that this would not have been possible unless  the team were producing good results, the creation of a positive cycle needs to be recognised. With high level income streams it is then possible for performance to be maintained  with the purchase of new players and the renewal of existing players contracts. In looking at this success it is very appetent within the UK.  However, Manchester United has managed a feat few sporting clubs realise, they have crossed international boarders and not only have a range of international fans, but also  an international marketing campaign. This indicates the level to which the marketing machine behind Manchester United has honed and developed the brand and image and the level of experience that  is inherent in the strongly market focused strategy. One of these countries is Singapore. By looking at how the marketing for Manchester United takes place on Singapore, not only in 

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