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    A 5 page paper that uses information provided by the student. The organization is the U.S. Naval Hospital in Guam. The paper discusses the promotion component of the marketing mix and discusses why this hospital is not involved in marketing. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    MARKETING ACTIVITY - PROMOTION : CASE STUDY , For more information on using this paper  properly! [Note to Student: There is another hospital in Guam, the Guam Memorial Hospital, which is operated by the Government of Guam. The island also has a rather comprehensive  emergency care clinic system - see http://www.investguam.com/eqf/health.html. Since you have all the information, I did not know what type of research articles you wanted. I will be happy to include  more resources/bibliography if you want.] Introduction to Marketing Mix: The promotion mix is one of the four components of the marketing mix, specifically, of the 4 Ps theory  of the marketing mix (thisisthebarmyarmy.co.uk, 2005). This is sometimes referred to as the Marketing Communications (Dolak, 2005). There are five major categories in the promotion mix, which are: Advertising; Personal  Selling; Sales Promotions; Public Relations; and Direct Marketing (Dolak, 2005; thisisthebarmyarmy.co.uk, 2005). Questions Related to the Organizations Promotion Activities. Personal Selling: * Is your sales force large enough?  No * Is it organized along the best lines of specialization (territory, market, product)? No * Does the sales force show high morale, ability,  and effectiveness? Yes * Is the sales force sufficiently trained? No * Does the sales force have enough incentives? No * Are the procedures  adequate for evaluating performance? No Advertising * Does your organization clearly state its advertising objectives? Yes * Does your advertising get its messages across? No * Are  the themes, graphics and copy effective? No * Are the chosen media adequate? No Public Relations (which includes publicity) * Does your organization have a program of 

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