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    This 13 page paper is a marketing audit on a medium sized business, using both a SWOT and a PEST analysis as well as considering issues such as the target market, segments and marketing mix. The company uses is Zumo, a fresh fruit juice and Smoothie bar. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    References 15 1. Introduction Large companies have large marketing budgets, however, to become large the smaller companies have to grow and understand their market.  Therefore marketing audits are very important for the small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs). Zumo is a small to medium sized enterprise, based in Ireland the company has expanded with  some company owned outlets and the sale of franchises. The idea may be seen as unusual and appealing to the current market trends in its sector, however, to grow the  market needs to be understood so that the way it may be tackled and the approaches can be managed to maximise the growth potential. This paper will conduct a  marketing audit for the SME. 2. Company Background Zumo is an SME, based in Ireland. Zumo Juice Bar is a small operation selling a range of freshly pressed fruit  juices, smoothies and energy boost drinks. The model for the drinks that are sold came from Brazil, where these types of juice and smoothies bars are common. However, in Brazil  the model falls short in terms of the way the service is provided, the environments are functional, but not attractive. The Zuno model takes the model for the environment from  the US market, using styles and refresh images so that a good product can be combined with a an enjoyable experience in the environment. Sold is a small outlet and  made to order the shop may be seen as attempting to do for fruit juice what Starbucks did for coffee. 3. SWOT Analysis 3.1 Strengths  The company has started out small. With the use of a franchise model is a strength as it reduces the need for capital in order to expand. In the 

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