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    Marketing Case Study Analysis

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    This 5 page paper examines a case study submitted by a student regarding a company that makes lawn products. A SWOT analysis is included. Marketing mix is discussed. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    business uses in order to get its product out to the consumer (Dallahan, 2001). Indeed, one can have a great idea, but without proper marketing, the idea will not make  the inventor any money. The primary problem is that without advertising a product to the public, it is difficult to make sales. Because the objective is to make money from  an idea, marketing is key to success. Many businesses start out and owners have high hopes. Yet, without a proper cornering of the market, sales will likely be disappointing.  Competition must be evaluated and it is clear that those with not only innovative ideas but new ways of marketing will win every time. For example, some savvy business owners  have relied on media to promote a controversial product. Others have simply used unique marketing tools. AOL for example gives away thousands of CDs that are strategically placed in stores  and post offices. America Online has effectively saturated the market through a variety of such techniques. Bill Gates of course got into legal trouble for giving away the Microsoft browser  in a bundled software package. Indeed, stellar marketing can lead to a complete annihilation of the competition and create a monopoly. This is rare and something that no one would  worry about anyway. In any event, in order to evaluate the concept of marketing and just what it means for any business, a case study will be utilized.  II. Case Study A case study submitted by a student involves a company called Stone Age Marketing Consultants. The company is given a new client Hydrocan that has  a new product called StaGreen which allows lawns to grow well under drier than average conditions. How can this new product be effectively marketed? That is the task for Stone 

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