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    Marketing Plan for a Golf Driving Range on Long Island

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    This 7 page paper provides a marketing plan for an individual who wants to establish a new driving range. The golf industry is discussed in depth. Demographic information is considered and a SWOT analysis is included. Bibliography lists 8 sources.

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    understand the competition. While Long Island is certainly a good place to open a leisure related business, as there are many wealthy people on the island, there is also a  great deal of competition. It was reported in 1993 that more than 30 golf driving ranges exist on Long Island ("Golfing," 1993). Most of the ranges are outdoors, but a  few are indoor facilities (1993). In general, when going to a range, one would buy a bucket of balls and continue to hit them (1993). Yet, there are other  things to do and some of the ranges offer lessons (1993). Since that early 1990s, not only have more ranges been built, but the Island Green Golf Center is  a significant addition to the choice of driving ranges. Built just a few years ago, this super center is open all night during season and is further located on a  busy highway in a residential area. In Selden, New York, this range is centrally located but away from the busy and expensive areas located in Nassau County. It is truly  a model of excellence and deserves to be considered as it is true competition for anyone wanting to open a range on the island. The important thing to note is  that while Long Island is right near Connecticut, with the exception of the ferry from Port Jefferson and other areas, there is no escaping the Island. Thus, this competitor is  in a good location for people heading East to the Hamptons, and for locals, but it is not located near major thoroughfares that lead to upstate New York for example.  With that in mind, the attributes of this range are truly phenomenal. The range considers itself to be the "Most Advanced and Comprehensive Golf & Learning Facility" ("Island," 2002, p.PG). 

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