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    Marketing Plan for a New Remote Control

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    This 12 page paper is a marketing plan for a new type of remote control; a remote-controlled that be used for all types of products including audiovisual, kitchen equipment and even cars. The paper presents a brief description of the company, business mission, a situation analysis which looks at the industry and performs a SWOT analysis of the proposed new product and then identifies the target market and presents a marketing strategy. The bibliography cites 7 sources.

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    Click Click1 is a company set up with the specific purpose of providing a range of remote controls for electronic devices. Set up in 2006, started out with only a  single office located in Mississippi, the company has grown due to its ability to meet customer demand. The company was founded as a result of a gap in the market.  When an individual loses a remote-controlled they have two choices; they can either go back to the original manufacturer to get a replacement, or they can buy a universal remote  control which can be difficult to programme for specific devices. Click Click can provide a range of remote controls which are already setup of the users own equipment. The aim  of the company was to provide convenience to the consumer and a choice to the existing options. As the company involved and consumer demand has changed an area which is  not satisfied has emerged; the demand for a universal remote control which is capable of managing all the devices in a house. Currently, there are no devices in the mass-market  which satisfy this need. In any house there are a large number of devices which can be controlled with a remote control, Click Click found that the demand for this  type of technology was high, Welsh the supply level was extremely low. With the owners research and development skills the product has been developed to a stage where it  is ready to be marketed. 2. Business Mission Click Click is committed to the supply of high quality remote controls for a range of products which will provide  convenience and empowerment for the customers. The idea of the universal control for all products is one that is unmatched within the industry. By providing a single unit which can 

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