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    Marketing Research Proposal Targeting a Specific Population

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    This 10 page report discusses the issues surrounding marketing research and a proposal for the appropriate market research as associated with a home office work chair designed, produced and marketed by the fictitious company 'HomeWorkInk' for the female home office owner. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    on the weekly best sellers list and the most popular television programs provide directional signals to the future. Trend expert and futurist, Faith Popcorn regularly asks her clients whether or  not they know what their customers ate for breakfast, how many kids do they have, what are they thinking about and what their the three biggest concerns in life.  "If the answer is no, you dont know how to sell to them," Popcorn says. "To understand consumers, you have to know what  they are eating, how they are living and how they are shopping. Listening to the customer, understanding what he or she is all about, will help you future fit your  company" (Popcorn 7D). Generalities, Popcorn says, are what ultimately gives most companies grief. "Mass market is over--the future is about individualization," she explains. "We have entered a time of  one-on-one or customized marketing" (Popcorn 7D). Purchases are not necessarily about the item or service purchased. Of far greater interest to the  consumer are the costs, the utility, and the popularity of any given item . . . and not necessarily in that order. Shopping and consumption have become tied up  with far more factors than need, utility, or amusement. Complicated issues such as sexuality, status, and self-esteem are connected to the purchases of everything from cars to handbags.  Regardless of whether or not an individual finds that sad, an example of moral decay, or a sad commentary on the neediness of society . . . it is a  fact of life in retailing, in marketing, in all aspects of human interaction for most Americans. It truly doesnt matter how many social scientists decry the shallow and greedy 

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