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    A 6 page SWOT analysis of marketing Z-Coil shoes, which place a coiled spring under the wearer’s heel. The paper concludes that the company should create an alliance with an industry group such as nurses, offering discounts from the high per-pair cost. The purpose of the discounts would be to place more pairs in use and to encourage word-of-mouth advertising. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    Introduction Sore feet; legs that alternate between numb and aching; and an aching back are complaints of many of those who work on  their feet. Nurses and grocery store cashiers know the pattern well. Runners can provide a litany of injuries either possible or experienced  through running. Heel spurs, stretched ligaments and shin splints are common injuries among runners, and one of the purposes of a good running shoe is to allow the runner  to gain the benefits of his chosen exercise without requiring that the runner deal with these minor but painful injuries. Z-Coil shoes replace  the heel of the shoe with a spring, giving the shoe extra spring as well. The spring serves as a kind of a shock absorber, easing the pain of  those who run or spend long hours on their feet for their jobs. The product is one that has the potential of benefiting many; the purpose here is to  provide a SWOT Analysis of the companys efforts and marketing to date. SWOT Analysis Strengths * The shoes address known physiological components of pain and stress. "Heel spurs, caused  by the plantar ligaments pulling away from the heel bone, are a result of poor support" (The worlds leading pain relief footwear, 2004). * Z-Coil offers a variety of styles,  all of which are traditionally functional aside from the heel spring. Mainline brands swing between function and style, and currently are in the style mode. Puma hired hotel  interior designer Philippe Starck to design a line of its shoes, a decision "met with incredulity by some industry observers. Have sportswear manufacturers lost touch with reality" (The trainers that 

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