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    Marketing on the Internet; A Case Study

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    This 18 page paper considers the advantages and disadvantages of marketing in the internet and how a company should undertake deciding whether to develop an internet presence. Included in the paper are issues such as the presence and size of the target market, the suitability of the product and the use of the web to support or create sales and the strategic use of marketing on the internet to reduce traditional risks. The case concerns Benetton and whether they should pursue an internet strategy, however, the theories and arguments are relevant for other industries and companies. The bibliography cites 19 sources.

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    ever growing number of people able to access it. This is useful for many purposes and has not escaped the attention of marketers and marketing department. Many companies have rushed  forward to embrace the Internet and the opportunities they see it offers, such as reduced barrier to trade and increased access to new markets. The number of failed dot com  companies and the amount of companies that struggled demonstrate the difficult of doing business in an environment that is seen as easy. However, despite this the media is still present,  and for many it is a greater risk not to have a presence on the web. If we consider a company such as Benetton then we can look at  the issues surrounding marketing on the internet and how it may and should be used as well as some of the pitfalls. Internet marketing is not for every company.  The company itself needs to be considered, as does the medium that is going to be used, this is similar to any other marketing assessment. The Internet is not a  magic tool that will create customers, as a tool, the results that it produces will depend on the input and the way it is used. II. Background to Benetton.  If Benetton is considering using the Internet the company itself needs to be considered, the way it operates, its culture and structures and ability to  adopt and adapt Benetton is a large company, based in Italy the company is both a retailer and supplier, therefore adept at creating value within its supply chain with this  vertical integration (Thompson, 1998). The operations stretch over one hundred and twenty country with five thousand five hundred shops and roughly seven thousand employees (Camuffo et al, 2001). Owned by 

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