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    McDonald's as a Model of Excellence

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    This 7 page paper provides several models of analyses when evaluating McD's for its stellar corporate organization and strategizing. The McKinsey 7-S model is used along with a SWOT analysis and an evaluation uses Porter's Five Forces Model. Bibliography lists 10 sources.

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    lettuce, onions and more on a three-tiered bun. The way in which the flavors blend is indescribable. McDonalds has created the perfect accompaniment to the mundane chopped meat patty. And  while McDonalds has had a lot of competition, it has remained a symbol of America and the industry leader in fast food. Still, in 2002, in light of the recession,  McDonalds is having problems and cutting back. While that is the case, one can still look to McDonalds as a model of excellence. It has weathered storms before, and it  will get through the recession as well. McDonalds is just one example of several organizations that have taken their basic assets, rearranged them, and created unique business opportunities to basically  reinvent the company (Bachmann, 2002). Right now, McDonalds is experiencing a transition, but it is not a negative situation. McDonalds will get through its current crisis. On November 8,  2002, McDonalds Corporation once again lowered its earnings forecast and announced that it is pulling out of three countries as well as closing restaurants in approximately 10 other nations ("McDonalds  Corp.," 2002). They announced this as part of a restructuring plan that is aimed at correcting its declining fortunes (2002). Still, there is a good chance that McDonalds will fare  well because it has always had a winning strategy and many businesses have had problems in todays economy. Large companies like K-Mart and the Wiz have had to close stores  in the past few years due to poor economic conditions. It is likely that the economy will improve and once again, business will go on as usual. In any event,  McDonalds management strategy is exemplary and its new ideas to pare down is also exciting. Generally speaking, McDonalds seems to look at retention as well as turnover as 

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