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    In seven pages this paper examines patriotic and the meaning of the term. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    a person who displays these characteristics that embody love of country is described as being patriotic. Throughout world history, patriotism has been the subject of some of the most  impassioned political rhetoric that can inspire men to fight wars of principles and retaliation. But patriotism is not an historical concept, but is, rather, a social construct. It  is a sentiment that exists within an individual, and also shared collectively. Patriotism is not always visible, but it is ever-present. In the aftermath of September 11, 2001,  patriotism once again occupied front and center of Americas center stage. The dictionary definition of patriotism, while accurate, does not go far enough to capture the true emphasis  of the term. It conjures feelings of identity and a sense of belonging. Patriotic people are those who are united by the loyalty, love and pride they feel  for their respective countries. Within any society, its members have a need to feel special, and the way to achieve this satisfaction is to celebrate the country that serves  to identify all of them by the ideals or characteristics for which it stands (Doob, 1952). Exhibiting patriotic feelings is a positive and gratifying experience for citizens, who feel  indebted to their country for receiving such blessings as freedom, security and prosperity (Doob, 1952). In America, for example, these emotions may be evoked by the reading of a  patriotic document like The Declaration of Independence, or by visiting national landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell, the Washington Monument, or Mount Rushmore (Doob, 1952). A  person is not born with patriotic inclinations; rather, this is a learned behavior that it largely the result of social conditioning. It is received through education and reinforced by 

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