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    Mega-Mergers/ good or bad?

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    A 6 pages research paper that addresses the issue of mega-mergers and whether they are good or bad for the consumer and the country as a whole. The writer argues that the mega-mergers are 'bad' because they generally diminish competition, limiting choice by the consumer, and also that this gives too much power to large corporate power. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    to carry a local station with its local new and weather was not to the benefit of the consumers; however, this wasnt a consideration in this corporate dispute. This situation,  in a nutshell, sums up why mega-mergers are "bad" from a consumer standpoint. Since the time of the Reagan-Bush administrations, the attitude of a basically Republican-run government has been that  whatever is good for business is good for the country. The argument goes that if consumers dont like what Big Business does, they will vote with their pocketbooks and take  their business elsewhere. However, when mega-mergers succeed in eliminating competition, there is often nowhere else that American consumers can take their business. The choice becomes to pay whatever  the mega-corporation demands for its service, or not have that service. The plethora of choice that the free marketplace is suppose to produce disappears within the power of a  corporate bureaucracy. While the pace of corporate mergers and acquisitions continues to accelerate, an increasing number of business experts are beginning to question the long-term consequences of what amounts to  unbridled capitalism (McMurdy 70). Of particular concern is the power and size of the mega-corporations that result from all of these mega-mergers, and the diminished connections that they have  with the communities that they serve. One such expert is Wall Street financier George Soros who has posited that the excessive glorification in this country of the ability of to  make money is resulting in a society in which material success is the only criteria (McMurdy 70). Similarly, Peter Drunker, who is considered to be the father of modern  management theory, concedes that he now has "serious reservations about capitalism" (McMurdy 70). This concern has arisen because of the trend toward mega-mergers that are creating corporations that have as 

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