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    A 4 page research paper/essay that begins with a 1 page conclusion in argumentative form and then presents this argument in a 3 page essay. The writer argues that Leonard did kill his wife but that Teddy is the real villain. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    protagonist, Leonard Pearce, killed his wife. As the student researching this topic did not send "Be The Hundredth Monkey" or any other related course material, the writer bases her conclusion  on the online script. Conclusion: Leonard did not kill his wife. This conclusion is based primarily on the depiction of Leonards memory of his wife sitting on the edge  of the bed, receiving an insulin injection from Leonard, which shows Leonard with the "syringe in his hand" (Nolan and Nolan). Leonard denies the veracity of this memory, which would  have had to have come from before the assault and his subsequent brain damage. Of course, Teddy could be lying in this scene, as he has lied throughout the film.  However, Teddy knows that he can be completely honest with Leonard and still continue to manipulate Leonard because Leonard will forget everything he has been told. It was probably Teddy  who convinced Leonard, through constant repetition, to alter his memories of Sammie so that it would be easier to turn him into the perfect assassin. Part II Memento, as  with The Usual Suspects, reveals a complicated "who dun it?" plot through flashbacks and forwards that juxtapose Leonards present with his past. It is very confusing, but, then, life for  the protagonist, Leonard, is very confusing, since his memory of recent actions fades roughly every twenty minutes, taking him back to his last memory, which was struggling with his wifes  attackers and being knocked out. Leonard leaves himself instructions, in the form of notes, photos and instructions tattooed onto his body. He is trying to find his wifes killer  despite his obvious handicap. To this writer/tutors way of thinking, the movie begins to make sense if it is considered from Teddys point of view. Teddy was the cop 

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