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    This 27 page paper is written in two parts. The first part of the paper considers the models of Sigmund Freud and Erik Erikson development of the stages of man, and applies these models to help understand a fictitious case study. The second part of the paper considers the current position of the client and looks at the importance of assessment for the patient and the treatments available The client is clinically depressed and had made suicide attempts. The treatment discussed includes cogitative behavioural therapy. The bibliography cites 19 sources.

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    where there is a history of occurrence, just as abuse in childhood and disassociation may lead to mental problems later in life. The range of influences are varied. When a  client requires treatment there s a need to understand the client and how they reached their current position. The client that is presents is suffering form clinical depression, there  have been several suicide attempts which have been interpreted as real attempts rather than cries for help. Coming form a single parent family the client has just lost their mother,  the notes appear to indicate that this was a trigger event. In examining the client and their background a clearer picture may be gained regarding how they reached this position.  The understanding of any individual requires an in-depth comprehension of the situation and the events that have lead to that situation. The  events are not only external, but also the internal process of development and maturation the individual and indicate the likely reactions. As each individual is different, so is their background  and upbringing. However, when looking at a client there are models that will help understand the individual development and responses. Two models that may aid the understanding are those of  Erik Erikson and Sigmund Freud. These can be applied to the development of a client to help with the understanding of their development and where potential hitches that may have  disrupted normal development processes may have taken place. In looking at the models they may be applied to a specific client to understand the potential areas. The client will be  referred to as Tom. He is twenty seven and has been referred after a failed suicide attempt with diagnosed clinical depression. Erik Erikson Erikson developed his theories as result 

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