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    This 9 page paper proposed a methodology for primary research studying the link between a dependant and an independent viable. The paper looks at the different options, proposes the use of questionnaires and looks at factors such as the choice of target sample, sample size and how bias may be avoided. The example used is a project to investigate the link between drugs and crime, but may be applied to other research questions. The bibliography cites 8 sources.

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    manufacturing and computing systems. Manufacturing systems are well known for their need for re-engineering, however it is the computing systems that may be seen as problematic as the limitations and  constraints that prevent development are in the virtual world and are not as viable or easy to understand. Hardware needs to be replaced, and as data bases and demands on  the system increase software needs to be developed that will compliment and work with legacy business system. This can be a complex process and to understand the options available we  can look to the different structuring systems and design processes. Jackson Structure Design is a suitable consideration as, unlike Jackson Structure Programming (JSP), it is suited larger sues and  overcomes JSPs problem concerning mapping of data (Anonymous, 2001). Jackson, along with Warnier design methodologies are the most popular of the data structure-oriented approach (Anonymous, 2001). JSD can be  seen as subtle for application to the situation where the existing software needs to form the core of the new and improved applications that will be used by the business  as it adapts to the real world well. There are three stages to the JSD methodology. The first stage is the modelling stage, this is where there needs to be  a description of the real situation in terms entities and actions (Anonymous, 2001). For each entity described there will be a process created which the student should note will model  the entities lifecycle (Anonymous, 2001). The lifecycle that it models may be seen as a process structure design. If we look at diagram 1 then we can see as process  structure design (PSD) for an entity we will call book, those marked * are transitions. Diagram 1; PSD for an entity called Book (Anonymous, 2001). 

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