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    Methodology in the Study of Biblical Times

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    This 3 page paper evaluates the works of two authors--Brown and Meeks--and how they look at an early period of time in history. The works are compared and contrasted and methods used to write the book are the focus of this paper. Bibliography lists 2 sources.

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    What is accurate? What is fabricated? How can anybody tell? These questions linger and that is why when reviewing any book of history it is prudent to check methodology. Authors  must use more than conjecture or theoretical approaches in order to deliver a proper documentation of any historical record. That said, there is no one way to properly document history  nor report on the teachings of the bible. Many historians and theologians have used various methods such as interpreting what is said in scripture to looking at archeological information to  looking at written evidence that comes outside for the biblical account. Most experts use more than one approach. Peter Brown and Wayne Meeks each deliver a sense of history with  their look at the early period of Christianity. In his book The World of Late Antiquity , Brown (1971) approaches the subject with a broad perspective as he digs through  history and pieces together the parts of the puzzle. With a truly cultural point of view, Brown conveys what the Romans were like and what life was life in that  context. Because Brown uses typical historical approaches one can say that his work is likely valid. At the same time, while some might question authenticity, this author has taken the  time to document sources and uses a variety of these. He in facts blends a bit of culture, art history, religious writings and so forth to culminate in a final  account of what things were like. One can say that clearly this author takes the time to put two and two together. With a sociological and anthropological approach, Brown  conveys a sense of history that is seemingly intuitive but certainly supported by fact. At the same time, Meeks (2003) uses a completely different method where he examines 

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