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    Midwest Airlines (Overview and SWOT Analysis)

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    This 5 page paper provides an overview of the airline and the problems it has faced. A full SWOT analysis is included. Bibliography lists 5 sources.

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    States as well as connection to a number of select markets ("About us - Midwest Airlines," 2008). The parent company is Midwest Air Group and it trades on the American  Stock Exchange as MEH ("About us - Midwest Airlines," 2008). Its headquarters are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin ("Business: Cash or cookies?," 2007). While generally a success story, Midwest has had  its share of problems. It was reported in 2007, that there are a number of rival bidders trying to take the struggling airline over ("Business: Cash or cookies?," 2007). This  is both good and bad news. It provides Midwest with opportunities, but the bidding war is not a positive thing for any business. Also, it is important that the business  make the right choice. Midwest is considered to be a mid-sized air carrier and in recent years, AirTran had approached Midwest ("Business: Cash or cookies?," 2007). Midwest rejected the offer  in August of 2005 ("Business: Cash or cookies?," 2007). If TPG were to acquire the airline instead, Midwest would remain independent ("Business: Cash or cookies?," 2007). Aside from the fight  over the business in recent years, the airline has entertained other woes as it tries to hold itself together. It has had a problem with pilots and their union for  example. In 2008, the pilot union noted that Skyway management refused to provide Skyway pilots with severance packages ("Pilots Charge Skyway Denied Equal Severance," 2008). It should be stated that  Skyway is doing business as Midwest Connect ("Pilots Charge Skyway Denied Equal Severance," 2008). Actually, Midwest has helped SkyWest by taking over the Midwest Connect operations ("Pilots Charge Skyway Denied  Equal Severance," 2008). In respect to that situation, the following is reported: " SkyWest operates a fleet of 15 50-seat CRJ 200s jets for Midwest Connect as part of a 

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