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    Miguel de Cervantes Life, Writings, and Social Values

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    In seven pages this paper discusses how Cervantes used satire as a way of depicting Spain's prevalent social values. Four sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    were in control, could not be defeated. It was the message of the possibility of failure that Cervantes was meant to convey in his literary expeditions. The shared  social definitions of courage, patriotism and religious validity were often based on beliefs that were garnered from battles fought for the right of expansion. Cervantes used satire to portray  the government and people of Spain as being too involved in the world. The dark ages may have been gruesome as a social reality and as a time  of brutality and chaotic violence but they resulted in the Renaissance. It may have taken centuries for medieval Europe to recover the standard of living it had once enjoyed  in Roman times, however, it made obvious the fact that the more efficient cultures prove to be the most successful military ones. Cervantes use of satire allows the reader  a second perspective, one in which the quest for greatness is seen as humorous or cynical (or both). Satire often aims the humor or comedy at the hypocrisy,  inflexibility, and corruption of religious, social, educational, or political institutions and their rituals. The satirical form of literature mocks social conventions of the time in a way that is  meaningful and yet is portrayed as ridiculous. Cervantes was known as a maverick and for his satirical representations of the social order. He especially likes to poke fun  at the gullibility and pretentiousness of people of importance. Social norms and the power that demands conquests were also targeted by his satirical outlook. The use of  symbols is seen throughout the work of Cervantes, whether in the form of the metaphor, parody or allegory, he manages to portray the government, love and the chivalric quest as 

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