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    This 6 page paper presents an idea of a new business, identifying the market segment and target markets and performing a SWOT analysis on the business concept. The bibliography cites 4 sources.

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    car is an essential part of life. Many households rely on a car to travel to work, to take children to school and for the shopping. However, with increasingly busy  schedules and pressures of daily life mean that many tasks may be delayed. The idea behind the service to be launched and marketed is to provide a service which will  help to overcome the interference of everyday distractions when it comes to an essential part of car maintenance; maintenance of the braking systems. The launching of a mobile brake  mechanic business, where the mechanic will travel to the locations of the customer in order to test, repair or replace braking systems, supplemented with some complimentary services, will provide convenience  and value. The service will aim to provide a same day service as well as appointments which can be pre-booked to fit in with the needs of the clients 2. Marketing  Segment The brake mobile mechanic will be operating within the car repair and maintenance segment, being a specialised service which on brakes. The segment will not be limited to  cars, although this section of the market is expected to account for the majority of sales. Cans and other commercial road vehicles may also be serviced as the majority of  cars and entrance barriers into the car segment, for both commercial and for domestic car owners and drivers are likely to be lower.  However the commercial segment will also be targeted. Many commercial fleets will have in-house machines, but owner operator truck drivers and small firms who outsource mechanical work. The braking  systems for these vehicles have been demonstrated as an area which requires improvement. In June 2010 in the US there was a "safety inspection blitz" operated by roadside organization 

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