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    Motivating Employees in Organizations That Have Downsized

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    This 28 page is written in the style of a dissertation. The paper investigates the way in which downsizing will impact on employees that survive in order to assess strategies which may be used to maintain or increase employee motivation levels. The paper presents an introduction, justification for the study, methodology, literature review and simulated primary research results. The primary research in the paper focuses on downsizing in the UK. The bibliography cites 25 sources.

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    2.3 Gathering the Research Data 11 2.3.1 Questionnaires 11 2.3.2 Sampling 13 2.4 Data Analysis 14 2.5 Limitations 14 3. Literature Review (Part 3) 15 4. Research Findings 24 5. Recommendations 28 References 30 1. Introduction  (Part 1) 1.1 Background to Research Employees ore the lifeblood of an organization; traditional theory has been able to demonstrate where workers are motivated they will be more productive and  display higher levels of positive behavioural traits compared to employees who are not motivated (Buchanan and Huczynski, 2010, p23). The benefit of motivated staff has been shown in many studies,  which often focus on positive moves and changes that are designed to increase motivation. For example, when looking at motivation in research in the US with the retail chain Sears  it was found that a 10% increase in the level of employee morale which directly linked to motivation levels, would result in a 2.5% increase in customer satisfaction and a  1% increase in sales (Cook, 2008, p10). Similar results were found at the US telecoms company AT&T, where there was a 1% increase in customer satisfaction with every 3% increase  in employee satisfaction and morale (Cook, 2008, p10). While these studies were in the US, the phenomenon of the direct impact of motivation on employees performance and business results has  also been seen in the UK; a similar study took place with the Nationwide Building Society (Cook, 2008, p10). The general approach in literature is to advocate models to management  that help to increase employee motivation levels, with increased investments and positive changes. The ability to maintain and improve motivation levels may therefore be seen at any time and in  any conditions due to the potential positive outcomes. However, when economic times are difficult and employers are focusing on cist cutting and survival, motivation is often an issue that receives 

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