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    Mozilla and Its Firefox Browser (SWOT Analysis)

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    This 3 page paper examines Mozilla and its history and the advent of the Firefox Browser. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    that is highly unstructured. At least, that is the old Mozilla. In the space of just a few years, it had reinvented itself. Mozilla had humble beginnings. In 2003, The  Mozilla Foundation was created and in part funded by AOL (Robbins, 2006). Freedman (2007) explains that Mozilla was "a new kind of organization that existed outside the bounds of corporate  governance and of many of the ordinary rules of work. Most contributors would be volunteers, and the coin of the realm would not be salary or title, but respect, accomplishment,  camaraderie and challenge" (107). Yet, in 2005, it would spin off a for profit niche to continue development on its well-known browser (Freedman, 2007). It was also in 2005 that  Firefox was released (Robbins, 2006). Firefox seems to be Mozillas claim to fame. In order to comprehend future opportunities for Firefox, and evaluate its overall accomplishments, a SWOT analysis is  helpful. SWOT Analysis Strengths * Mozilla created Firefox, one of the most "high-tech products in history" (Freedman, 2007, 106). * On some level, having  meetings open to the public, as Mozilla allows is innovative. * The browser was marketed through word of mouth advertising and gaining help from the world through prompting of  the Firefox buttons and links at blogs and websites (Freedman, 2007). Hence, marketing was viral and it was free. * Raw talent is used. By using young people right from  college, the company gives talented programmers a chance to show their colors. This is a relationship that is good and helpful for all concerned. * Despite being a nonprofit company,  it has made some good money (Freedman, 2007). In fact, in 2005, a division spun off of Mozilla would become a for profit subsidiary (Freedman, 2007). * Mozilla continues to 

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