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    Muhammad Ali and Michael Jordan

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    In five pages these 2 revered African American athletes are comparatively analyzed. Seven sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    sea of athletic superstars speaks to the extent to which both men embraced the challenge of hard work and determination in order to achieve their respective goals. This, say  many, is why Ali and Jordan are considered heroes to the throngs of followers who have supported them throughout their careers. What is  it that people look for when they seek out heroes? Some search for characteristics with which they can identify, while others probe for traits the represent the person they  would most like to emulate. Whether money, fame and material wealth is indicative of hero worship, or if that praise is more appropriately placed with those who make a  difference in society, is something that is quite personal in nature. The student should consider that no two people define heroism in just the same way. Merriam-Webster defines  a hero as a person who is admired for his achievements and noble qualities; indeed, one who demonstrates incredible courage. Granted, that definition can speak to the achievements of  sports players in general, since they do provide a service to the community; however, the meaning of a true hero is someone like Ali or Jordan who bestows upon his  admirers the importance of making positive contributions to self and society. II. FAMILY BACKGROUND Jordans family background is the fundamental basis upon which he credits his success as a  person and an athlete. With his father as his hero, Jordans strong family ties are responsible for molding him into the conscientious humanitarian he has turned out to be.  As a child, Jordans parents taught him to look beyond color and accept people for who they are; as an adult, he has perpetuated his mother and fathers levelheaded 

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