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    Mystical Religion Santeria

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    In seven pages this paper discusses the eclectic spiritual mix of Catholicism and voodoo that is Santeria. Eight sources are cited in the bibliography.

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    In fact, Santeria is making a comeback and many people find they want to adopt this unique and fascinating religious conviction. This paper tells about the history of  Santeria along with the beliefs and activities that occur. THE HISTORY OF SANTERIA Santeria, a Spanish term, translates to approximately the worship of Saints. This ancient religion is  believed by many today to be evil, delving in animal sacrifices and devil worship, but this is not at all the case. Santeria originally came from the Yoruba people  of Africa, what today is Nigeria. The legend goes that when these people were sold into slavery, their Cuban masters forced these people to forsake their religion of Santeria  in order to practice Catholicism, the most prevalent religion of their owners. In order to appease them, the slaves would appear to be praying to Saints such as one does  in the Catholic religion, when in fact the slaves were using that as a front and actually praying to their orishas, their own deities. The slaves had recognized the  many similarities of worship between their own religion and that of the Catholic religion. Because the religion became mixed with that of the Catholic of the Cuban and Spanish slave  owners, today one will find that Santeria is sprinkled with a mixture of both Spanish and African terms. That is based on this history of having to make do  with what their masters required of them (Santeria 2002). SANTERIA AND THE STUDY OF RELIGION Santeria is considered an "old world religion" (Santeria 2002, PG) that is very heavily  seeded with symbolism and magic. It is said that if you want a religion that will make things happen for you, Santeria is the religion to adopt. It 

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