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    This 10 page paper discusses the treatment of the Native Americans in North America by the imperial powers: Spain, France, England and American Colonists. Views of Francis Parkman examined. Bibliography lists 3 sources.

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    too clear. This was the situation that many of the Native Americans living in early America found themselves facing. The Spanish and English enslaved them, while the French pretended to  be their allies and friends. Later, the United States would not treat them any better. According to Francis Parkman none of the imperial powers were completely honest in their dealings  with the Native Americans of North America. Spanish Colonization. A noble word for an ugly act, it can be stated. In fact, most  colonizing nations invade the targeted country under the auspices of bettering the living arrangements of the indigenous peoples, or under the assumption that they will bring a heightened standard of  decency. This was certainly the case in regard to the Spanish and the Native Americans that they encountered. The world was the Spanish oyster and they intended to harvest  it. This harvest included Mexico, Peru, Brazil, parts of the Yucatan, and sections of North America. Most colonization begins, it can be stated, with a desire for land, goods, resources,  and strategic military operations. In a struggle of strong versus the weak, the might of the invading principality overcomes the weaker culture and as such has an influence from the  beginning. A blending of cultures is almost immediate in that even a culture which rises from the ashes of a decolonized nation is never as native as it once was,  but is at best a hybrid. Such is the case with the Native Americans who were enslaved by the Spanish. Their language changed, their clothing changed and for many they  were forced to change their religious affiliations, too. Was this for their own good as many Europeans claimed? This would seem to be arrogance on the part of the conquering 

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